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Iran, Zimbabwe eye expansion of trade, economic..

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Iran Zimbabwe eye

Iran, Zimbabwe eye expansion of trade, economic cooperation

5 February 2020- President of Iran Chamber of Commerce has called for establishment of ties between Iran and Zimbabwean private sectors for exchange of information about potential fields of cooperation.

“The low volume of trade and investment between the two countries is mostly due to lack of information about possible economic cooperation fields,” Gholam Hossein Shafei, President of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA) told Zimbabwe's new ambassador to Tehran Christopher Mapanga.

Shafei underlined the importance of coordination among the private sectors of Iran and Zimbabwe adding that Iran Chamber of Commerce is ready to hold “Zimbabwe Economic Day” event in Tehran in order to help Iranian businessmen get related information about Zimbabwean current economic status.

“Business is ahead of politics, and with the help of business relations, sustainable political relations could be reached” Iran Chamber of Commerce president said. “The quest for trade and joint ventures is an undeniable necessity for boosting political relations between Iran and Zimbabwe.”

Shafei added that there are several possible fields for bilateral cooperation between the two countries including agriculture, mine, energy, oil, technical and engineering and technical services and agro machineries.

Zimbabwean Ambassador to Tehran also pointed to the pressure of sanctions on Iran and Zimbabwe, adding that Zimbabwe has been tolerating sanctions for years and today it has decided to learn from Iran how to handle the pressures.

Christopher Mapanga also called for exchange of needed information between the two countries as a prerequisite for preparing a comprehensive solution for bilateral economic relations, adding that currently 70 percent of land in Zimbabwe is ready for cultivation but it has remained intact due to lack of agro machineries. Mapanga further said that Iran could help his country in this field.


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