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First Anniversary of New Zealand Tragic Event...

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First Anniversary of New Zealand Tragic Event: OIC Renews its Solidarity with Families of the Victims of Attacks on Two Mosques

14/03/2020- On the occasion of the first anniversary of the terrorist attack, which targeted two mosques in Christchurch in New Zealand and resulted in many fatalities among the innocent worshipers, the Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr. Yousef Al Othaimeen, renews the OIC’s deep sympathy and solidarity with the families of the victims.

The Secretary General reaffirmed the OIC’s appreciation for the firm and unambiguous stand taken by New Zealand’s Government and people against terrorism and their real sympathy and solidarity with the families of the victims and the Muslim community. He also expresses his full appreciation for the distinctive stand embraced by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Mrs. Jacinda Arden, in terms of her care for the Muslims in her country under those difficult circumstances and the measures taken by her Government to face up to hate and terrorism.

The Secretary General further asserts that the abhorrent terrorist act in question had sent a powerful message to the effect that hate-speech, fanaticism and Islamophobia represent a threat to all societies and that terrorism has no religion, ethnicity or nationality.

The Secretary General also renews his call to the United Nations and other international and regional organizations to officially announce 15 March of each year as an international day of solidarity against Islamophobia in order to consolidate world public awareness as to the threat of Islamophobia, hatred and fanaticism against Muslims. He also reiterates his call to the international community to take concrete measures to combat this phenomenon and advance tolerance, understanding and peaceful coexistence across the world.


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