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Chabahar Port to Become Regional Trade Hub

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Chabahar Port to Become

Chabahar Port to Become Regional Trade Hub


TEHRAN (FNA)- Chabahar port is turning into a new hub for trade and industry in Iran and even the entire Central Asian region, according to Deputy Director of Sistan and Balouchestan Department of Ports and Maritime Organization Hossein Shahdadi.

Shahdadi said on Saturday that Chabahar is going to become a commercial and industrial hub not only for Iran but for the whole region, adding that major economies like China, India, Pakistan and the Persian Gulf littoral states are keen on investing in Chabahar port.

“Chabahar did not have any free trade zone before the victory of the Islamic Revolution,” he said, adding that it was a simple port where foreigners were active in its health sector.

The official stressed that now Chabahar Free Trade–Industrial Zone (CFZ) enjoys numerous capacities, including fisheries, industry and tourism alongside its strategic situation in terms of having two land and sea borders in Southeastern Iran.

“It is expected to become a golden point for Asian countries to access global markets,” he anticipated, noting, “Iran has set up various educational and academic centers for all walks of life to train professional workforce; so, the port city has turned into a hub for other nations to find job opportunities and medical equipment there.”

Shahdadi stated that the Chabahar is considered the only ocean port in Southeastern Iran, where giant ships can dock safely.

He further said that Chabahar is the fourth important port in Iran, which is used for loading and unloading of 20 percent of basic foods.

In relevant remarks in late November, Managing Director of Sistan and Balouchestan Ports and Maritime Department General Behrouz Aqayee said that Chabahar is a big chance for the country to develop trade with the neighboring countries.

“Chabahar is the top Iranian port that has the capacity for attracting foreign traders,” Aqayee said on Monday November 30.

“After completion of the first phase of Shahid Beheshti Port in Chabahar, it can play an important role in marketing, attracting investors and facilitating the arrival of different ships,” he continued.

“It will also set the ground for strengthening trade exchange with neighbors like India, Oman and Afghanistan,” Aqayee said.

The official stressed that thanks to Chabahar's capacities, India can transport goods to Afghanistan with no need to Pakistan.

He emphasized that Chabahar can link regional states to Afghanistan and Central Asia with a cheaper route.


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