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Republican intersectoral industrial fair in Tashkent

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Republican intersectoral industrial fair kicks off in Tashkent

Republican intersectoral industrial fair kicks off in Tashkent

Dec 16,2021

On December 14, the Republican Intersectoral Industrial Fair, organized by the Ministry of Investments and Foreign Trade (MIVT) in cooperation with the Tashkent city khokimiyat, began its work at the Uzexpocentre National Exhibition Complex.

The opening ceremony of the fair was attended by the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Investments and Foreign Trade Sardor Umurzakov, the leadership of the Presidential Administration of Uzbekistan, MIFT, the Chamber of Commerce, ministries, departments, industry associations, holding companies, as well as representatives of the business community and the media. In total, 3185 industry and regional enterprises take part in the fair, and the range of products presented is 5169 commodity items.

Opening the event, Sardor Umurzakov emphasized the special attention paid in Uzbekistan to the development of industrial potential and expanding the localization of production by creating favorable conditions for producers, for which the government is taking concrete effective measures. It was noted that this fair is one of such measures and is aimed at strengthening cooperation ties between domestic entrepreneurs, increasing the number of high-tech industries, deepening the processing of local raw materials, establishing the production of new types of products and creating jobs.

In this vein, the role of the Electronic Cooperation Portal was emphasized: it was announced that during the regional intersectoral fairs held this year through the Portal, 2.6 thousand trade contracts were concluded for the supply of domestic industrial products worth more than 4 trillion sums. In addition, 973 investment agreements were signed on the implementation of joint projects for the production of import-substituting industrial products.

It was noted that in accordance with the decision of the head of state adopted in November of this year, the Portal is being transformed into a Digital Transformation Center, whose task will be to create a single digital ecosystem for domestic entrepreneurs and exporters. Using this ecosystem, entrepreneurs will be able to use external payment services, as well as an “escrow” mechanism, which guarantees the fulfillment of payment obligations in the implementation of trade transactions. Until January 1, 2024, the income tax rate for e-commerce platforms integrated into the ecosystem will be halved. An important component of this ecosystem will be, in particular, a centralized logistics platform, through which it will be easier for entrepreneurs to access the services of domestic and foreign transport companies for the delivery of products both in the domestic and foreign markets.

A feature of the fair is a special emphasis not only on establishing cooperation ties between domestic enterprises, but also on stimulating an increase in the number of investment projects implemented in the country aimed at expanding production in the country of demanded import-substituting products.

At the stage of preparation for the event, an in-depth analysis of the import of production facilities operating in Uzbekistan was carried out, on the basis of which commodity items were determined, the production of which must be localized in the country. The Center for the Development of Investment Projects at the MIVT has developed ready-made investment project proposals based on accurate technical and economic calculations, which will be presented to the participants during the event.

The business program of the fair is full of thematic events: on the first day - December 14 - presentations were organized in the areas of the mining industry, metallurgy, geology and the chemical industry. On December 15, it is planned to hold presentations and negotiations in the areas of light industry, energy, oil and gas sector, innovation and finance, and on December 16 - in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, production of building materials, jewelry and transport and logistics. The final day of the fair, December 17, is dedicated to agriculture, food processing, viticulture, fish farming, healthcare and pharmaceuticals.

During the fair, specialists from the Electronic Cooperation Portal at MIVT actively interact with participants and assist in connecting with potential partners and organizing B2B negotiations to discuss practical aspects of business cooperation.

The Republican Intersectoral Industrial Fair will last until December 18 of this year. Manufacturing enterprises, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and private entrepreneurs are invited to participate in the event.

Source: Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan ,Tehran

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