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İnegöl Furniture Fair opened

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İnegöl Furniture Fair

İnegöl Furniture Fair opened

02.04.2019 / İnegöl / Bursa- MODEF 2019 41st International İnegöl Furniture Fair opened with the attendances of the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban, İnegöl Commerce and Industry Chamber President Yavuz Uğurdağ as well as neighboring provincial and district chamber / commodity exchange presidents.​

In his speech at the opening, TOBB President Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu said that it is no longer enough to produce; it is necessary to build a brand and open up to the world and promote it.

Stating that İnegöl is now acting with this vision, Hisarcıklıoğlu said, “İnegöl is doing it right. You are standing up for your city, our values and your products with this fair. When İnegöl is mentioned, İnegöl Meatballs and İnegöl Furniture come to mind. Furniture is a must for İnegöl. The furniture sector in İnegöl has a history of nearly 100 years. İnegöl started with forest products. Then it transitioned to furniture products. İnegöl shows us how to transform in a sector; how to add value to the raw product.”

Hisarcıklıoğlu emphasized that İnegöl is also an important export center and a producer of foreign trade surplus. “İnegöl is the 18th largest city of Turkey with a trade volume of 1.3 billion USD. İnegol Furniture exports increase every year; İnegöl alone exports 17% of Turkey's furniture.”

Drawing attention to the fact that the furniture sector has a large share in production, employment and exports, the TOBB President said, “With a domestic production share of 80%, İnegöl produces surplus; providing a net foreign currency influx to our country. It provides directly and indirect employment to 500,000 people. Production is carried out in every city of the country.

Turkey, with its extensive knowledge of the furniture industry, with its brave entrepreneurs and skillful masters, has become one of the leading countries in the world setting trends. 20 years ago, in the early 2000s, the sector's exports were only 180 million USD. Last year, we exported 3 billion, 150 million USD of furniture to more than 170 countries. Overall exports increased 7% while the furniture sector doubled this rate. Our export target will reach 4 billion USD at the end of this year, up 20%.

20 years ago, we were not even in the top 20 in world furniture exports. Now, we're 12th, and we're pushing the top 10. All these achievements, such as the MODEF Fair, an ever-growing, developing, global fair has a very large share in this success. I would like to congratulate all those who contributed, especially to Yavuz Uğurdağ. I would also like to thank our valuable businessmen, companies, entrepreneurs and crafters who are architects of this great success and breakthrough.”

- VAT reduction in furniture should be permanent

Hisarcıklıoğlu stated that TOBB is always there for the furniture sector and said, “You demanded a reduction in VAT. We forwarded it to our government and brought it to life. With the latest regulation, the VAT discount period in the furniture sector was extended to June 30th. When that date comes, we will look at the situation in the markets. We will ask the government to re-evaluate this issue by taking your opinion. Of course, this should be a permanent VAT discount. In furniture sector, input-output and VAT difference problem must be resolved permanently. We will continue to follow all these issues.”

- We are entering a period of 4.5 years without elections

Expressing his wish that the results of the Local Government General Elections held on Sunday bring Turkey and the nation prosperity, Hisarcıklıoğlu congratulated the re-elected Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas and İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban according to preliminary results.

Pointing out that the elections are behind them, the TOBB President said, “We are entering a period of 4.5 years without elections. From now on, Turkey's economy should be the first item on the agenda as there are many steps to be taken in the economy; we have a lot to do. We must turn this period into an uninterrupted period of action. This period, in which we can focus on the economy and implement structural reforms that will strengthen the foundations of the economy, is of great importance for our country.”

- Lailat al Miraj                        

“Today is a beautiful coincidence: Lailat al Miraj, a blessed night where, prosperity and fertility increases,” said Hisarcıklıoğlu and went on, “Miraj is an opportunity for all Muslims to self-reflect, renew and look to the future. Take this opportunity let us emulate Our Prophet Mohammed and clear our hearts from bad thoughts and feelings such as envy, hatred and enmity which darken our souls. With that I wish you all joyous Lailat al Miraj.”

- Other speakers

ITSO President and Chairman of MODEF Fair Organization Yavuz Ugurdag said, “We thank everyone who participated in our 41st fair; We welcome you all. İnegöl is holding its holiday celebrating İnegöl in general and the furniture sector in particular. İnegöl is a city of agriculture, tourism, meatballs which makes great contributions the national economy. I would like to thank all of our presidents, executives and industrialists for their contributions to the development and growth of this fair. Fair organization is a very important for İnegöl. 160 companies that produce in İnegöl are participating in this fair today. We have hundreds of companies waiting to enter our fair. We cannot host companies which produce products outside of İnegöl because our area is insufficient. Furniture is the future for İnegöl; it means employment, a sector which contributes social life. İnegöl, reaching 1,32 million USD trade volume, has become the 22nd largest economy in Turkey, giving a trade surplus of 691 billion USD, we have become Turkey's 8th largest economy. I thank everyone who contributed to these figures.”

Shafique Porbanderwala, President of the Association of Indian Furniture Manufacturers, said: “I congratulate MODEF Fair organization for their success. As Indian furniture manufacturers, we have the opportunity to introduce ourselves at the fair for the first time. I want to congratulate you. You can now address 65% of India's home furniture needs. A 100-member delegation from Turkey within the scope of smart cities visited India in 2017, and they held meetings to form business connections. India is projected to be second largest economy after China by 2030. Why is India a rising market? A large proportion of the population of India consists of young people.”

Inegöl Mayor Alper Taban said “We are together for our 41st fair. I would like to thank all the operators and the sector leaders who produce, design, craft, market and create employment in this city. The greatest effort is theirs.”

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “It is a joy that the city where I was born, grew up, where I do business, shows us such great support. It's time for action, not talk. We will raise our cities’ standards. İnegöl is a city with more than 1 billion USD in commercial volume. It is a city which has achieved great results.”

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat said, “It is accepted by everybody that an effective promotion strategy should be pursued in these days of intense competition. Just producing high-quality goods and putting them on the market is no way to compete. In order to promote and sell the product, efforts to create a brand image have become essential. This goes through the use of modern methods in marketing. Companies find the opportunity to introduce their products and brands, and create new business opportunities and bring new expansions to the economy through fairs.”


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