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Tuesday, 02 February 2016 09:23

President officially welcomed by French counterpart

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President officially welcomed by French counterpart

28 - January 2016 - President Rouhani was officially received Thursday afternoon local time by his French counterpart François Hollande in Elysée Palace in Paris.

In this ceremony, Hollande and Rouhani briefed and introduced the accompanying delegations to each other.

The two sides went on to start their talks just after the protocols in the welcoming ceremony. 


Presidents of Iran and France: We are determined to start a new chapter in Tehran-Paris ties

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of France stressed that the two countries are determined to start a new chapter in Tehran-Paris relations and that the new relations will be firmly established in all areas of common interest.

Presidents Hassan Rouhani and President François Hollande said that the coming relations between the two countries should be established on a firm ground for the two nations to benefit from it.

They made the remarks in the meeting of the high-ranking delegation of Iran and France late on Thursday.

President Rouhani described France as a country with a great and effective nation in Europe and the world and said: “The Islamic Iran attach great importance to its ties with France and is ready to develop them in all fields to the benefit of both nations”.

On the opportunity found in the post-JCPOA era, he added: “Achieving the nuclear agreement was not easy but the indicator of a serious and real resolve of both sides to move through a difficult stage”.

“Sanctions were a lose-lose game for both countries but now it is time to compensate for the past and develop ties in all areas” he continued.

Dr Rouhani also said: “Cementing cultural and academic ties between the two countries, coupled with transfer of experiences in tourism is necessary”.

Referring to Late Imam Khomeini’s presence in Neauphle-le-Chateau, he said: “France reminds us of the Revolution and Imam Khomeini”.

On terrorism, Rouhani also said: “The Iranian nation is one of major victims of terrorism in France; the Islamic Republic of Iran is serious in combatting terrorism and cooperation between the two countries in this field and other fields related to stability in the region is necessary”.

In this meeting, President Hollande also referred to the post-JCPOA era and said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of France are two countries with great civilisations and they are determined to deepen ties with each other”.

“Cutting of Iran-France relations in the past years have been to the detriment of both countries and we want to build a better future for the relations of both countries, a future which is based on mutual trust and friendship,” he added.

He also said that major French corporations are ready to have active roles in Iran.

He continued: “France is also ready to develop academic ties between the two countries and strengthening facilities and tools of universities is a part of that cooperation”.

On regional and international issues, Hollande said: “Iran and France share the same view with Iran on most regional and international issues”.


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