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An Introduction to implement Article 44 of the Constitution–A law for the Development of Private Sector

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Article 44 of I.R Constitution helps to develop the private sector and to reduce the role of the government in making decision in economy. Hence, the member of ICCIM Board of the Directors wrote a note in regarding with this law as you see in follow: Sometimes there are issues that all peoples and nations reach to the same results on its benefits and are seeking to achieve it. In other words, sometimes for years or even centuries of experience in human subjects,

global is achieved. These issues are seen in various areas including economic, social and even religious. Privatization of the economy, which has engaged the minds in the world a few decades, is of these issues. Although there are differences in detail, but important differences can't be seen in the basis. Government's management on the economy will cause the sharp increase in wealth and technology between the two systems and this is the reason that caused the collapse of the East Block and the smart changing of the Chinese route. These factors can be summarized as follow: 1) The lack of the culture competitiveness 2) Management changes 3) Productivity 4) Fear of making decision Another possible cause can also be expressed for the transition from the state's economy; but the basis of this change was laid on the excerpts of the speech. Having the authority the private manager involves all his life so he will try with all efforts. Ultimately leading to higher productivity, increased production and employment and standing in the higher level of the region's economy, the article 44 of the constitution is passing through a process. Privatization in Turkey's Islamist government in recent years banned the entry of public institutions in the transfers because experience in this country showed that such institutions were not successful in practice. Taking advantage of public organizations and funds in partnership in management with the private sector, perhaps is a cross-cut solution. In other words, the financial potency of public institutions with management and motivational power of the private sector can create conditions so that management can be provided with high productivity. In addition, pension funds can participate in stock market to add the value of their investment exposure. However, implementing article 44 of the constitution is a step forward and to the state legislation is necessary that have been compared gained results with the objectives and presenting practical procedures for optimizing this life-giving article, in case of contrary. Mahmoud Esllamian Vice President of Isfahan Chamber of Commerce The member of ICCIM Board of Directors

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