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The Meeting of ACCI Leadership with Iran Business delegation

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The Meeting of ACCI Leadership with Iran Business delegation

 15 November 2016 - The Trade delegation from Iran Islamic Republic met with the leadership of the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Industries and discussed over trade and economic issues between the countries.

The session was organized at the Conference Hall of ACCI on Tuesday 15th November 2016; wherein, Mr. Khan Jan Alokozay first Vice President of ACCI, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat- CEO of ACCI, Mr. Alhaj Mohammad Yunos Momand Second Vice President of ACCI, Mr. Azerakhash Afezi, Mr. Mohammad Dawood Yusoufzai and Mr. Nezamuddin Tajzada board members of ACCI, policy and technical deputy CEO of ACCI from Afghanistan; Mr. Mohammad Ali Awsat Hashimi standard of Sistan and Baluchistan provinces, Mr. Mohammad Rezza Bahrami the ambassador of Islamic republic of Iran, Mr. Abdul Hakim Reghee CEO of Sistan and Baluchistan Chamber, Mr. Khan Aqaei Transportation General Manager, Mr. Mohammad Rezza Karimzada, and many other Iranian business entities took part.

Initially, Mr. Atiqullah Nusrat welcomed the arrivals and hoped the session would work as a pathway for the further strengthening of relation between the two countries.

Moreover, Mr. Nusrat added: “as you know, Iran is one of our biggest trade partners.  The scale of trade relation between the two countries is about over 1.8 billion U.S Dollar; involving imports only, while the extent of exports from Afghanistan is about 29 million U.S Dollars that has caused to dissatisfaction of Afghanistan and thereby We do need to heighten the exports scale of the country.”

Mr. Nusrat talked of high investment attracting capacity of Afghanistan and called for joint ventures between the two countries in various sectors such as mining, agriculture and other related area.

At the same time, Mr. Alokozay conversed over the historical and friendly relation of the countries and called the interrelation of the two neighboring countries expansive. He hoped the relationship would further be strengthened through the initial of trade activities in Chabahar port from Afghan businessperson.

Additionally, Mr. Alokozay while issuing the investment interests of Afghan traders in Chabahar port, gratitude from the offered facilitation to Afghan trade persons. Meanwhile Mr. Alokozay demonstrated the existent obstacles and bans on technical and transportation parts of the Sistan and Baluchistan states and Nimruz province of Afghanistan and offered depending suggestions to the Iranian authorities for overcoming the obstacles; particularly, he called on for the implementation of TIR system as both of the countries bound to.

Subsequently, Mr. Mohammad Yonus Momand and Azerakhash Afezi conversed over trade relation as well as new joint investment opportunities between the countries and called for further intensification of interrelations between Iran and Afghanistan.

Afterward, Mr. Abdul Hakim Reghee talked about the economic importance of Sistan and Baluchistan Chamber of Commerce, additionally described the future of the provinces prosperous on various business and investment sections.

Thereinafter, Mr. Khan Aqaei conversed on transportation facilitation in Iran land and corresponding facilitations as well as assurance removal from Iranian authorities to Afghan traders.

Consequently, Mr. Hashimi talked about cooperation of Iranian government on economic & business growth particularly in Chabahar port and further promotion on exports and imports through the ports.

As a result, Mr. Bahrami thanked from hot hosting of ACCI’s leadership and illustrated the talks noteworthy and insisted on intensification of interrelation of the countries.



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