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Food prices increase ahead of Ramadhan

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Food prices

Food prices increase ahead of Ramadhan

Jakarta Post | May 7, 2018- Two weeks before the start of Ramadhan, basic commodity prices have begun to increase in several regions.

According to data from Jambi’s Industry and Trade Agency, prices of several commodities, such as chili and chicken, have increased in the last three days.

The price of chicken, for example, has increased from Rp 36,000 (US$ 2.58) to Rp 40,000 per kilogram. Meanwhile, the price of chili has increased to Rp 32,000 per kg from Rp 28,000.

The industry and trade agency, however, said the price increases were normal.

“The increases in the price of chili and chicken are attributed to the lack of supply in the market, "said agency head Ariansyah on Sunday.

Ariansyah said the government’s food task force would launch a market operation to monitor the prices of basic commodities should any unusual price increases occur.

"If any food distributors try to increase prices or stockpiles ahead of Ramadhan, we will discipline them and impose sanctions," he said.

At present, price of other basic commodities in Jambi, such as rice, are reportedly still stable at around Rp 9,000 to 13,500 per kg depending on type and brand.

The price of sugar is also reportedly stable at Rp 11,500 per kg, while the price of cooking oil is also reportedly normal at Rp 9,000 per liter for low-cost oil and Rp 14,000 per liter for higher-end oil.

Moreover, meat prices are also stable at Rp 120,000 per kg.

Aside from Jambi, increases in the price of basic commodities have also occurred in Batam, Riau Islands. In Batam, the price of rice has increased to Rp 12,500 per kg, up from Rp 10,000 per kg, as reported by

The price of garlic has also increased to Rp 16,000-Rp18,000 per kg, a significant increase from Rp 7,000 per kg.

Meanwhile, the price of chili has increased to Rp 55,000 per kg, up from Rp 35,000. Similar increases were also seen in the price of potatoes, which had risen to Rp 20,000 per kg from 10,000.


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