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Start of  free trade negotiations with Pakistan, Serbia and Eurasia

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Start of  free trade negotiations with Pakistan, Serbia and Eurasia

Jan 11,2021

According to the economic correspondent of Fars  news agency, Hamid Zadboom said today at the 24th National Export Day ceremony held at the Iranian Chamber of Commerce : "The policy of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, especially during the presence of Razm Hosseini in the Ministry of Industry, was based on two axes." after an abundance of goods in foreign trade and facilitate the elimination of foreign exchange obligations of exporters in the next one, because since 97 foreign exchange obligations of exporters in different ways and in different with the ups and downs that think that from October this year The resolution of the one hundred and seventy-seven government economic coordination headquarters maintained a certain amount of calm, and we hope to see more calm in Iran's foreign trade environment with the supplementary resolution in the next one or two weeks.. 

Head of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran said : Our focus on policy by commodity and country and as a country we focus on neighbors and our second priority Asian countries, many countries in Africa and Latin America, but the first priority is still 15 neighbors And there are two countries, India and China, and in terms of goods, our focus is on the added value of goods, and one of the criteria for sample exporters is more added value.. 

He said : It is now possible to avoid raw is not for sale, some claim that today we stopped selling crude to such a thing is not possible now, but over time it's going to happen and on national products such as saffron and petrochemical products should sell off our hands so raw, so we exporter of the criteria and that is why it is a measure to increase the added value has been.

Birthplace stated : diagnose and resolve business challenges in export in the form of export firms, in the framework of the working group monitoring the commercial behavior of our. 

He said : At Samt  Ministry formed a working group with the participation of the Chamber of Commerce, Cooperatives, traders and central banks and brokers and device monitoring all the problems foreign exchange obligations of exporters and October where he discussed so far 12 sessions have been held and council and Special Task Force to restore the authority of the traditional export products like saffron, nuts, carpets and pro-business cooperation and international bodies and conclude agreements of cooperation with domestic institutions and development agreements a preferential trade. 

Zadbum said : " We are currently negotiating with Pakistan for free trade, and this is also being done in the case of Serbia, and in the case of Eurasia, where the interim agreement expired in November, we are also negotiating for unlimited free trade." We are and we hope that these negotiations will start in February, and the Council of Ministers also gave us permission to continue the free trade negotiations last month. .

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